The Queen of Queens

Description of my castle: The royal court consists of 5 jesters - all under 10 - the King of his Questionable Castle - my husband, my 5 brothers and their families, the King has 7 sibs w/families -and the Mother and Father Regents - my parents, residing 5 blocks away (physically, mentally, Italy is gorgeous this time of the year...)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ok, best time for you to have some "me" time - early morning or late at night? And why? Or is it like mine - grab when you can????

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The other women! Yes, women! Dropped off the child formerly known as "the baby" - he now has a younger brother - at pre-k yesterday morning. He was a bit mushy and didn't want to go in. I tried talking to him softly, away from the other children entering the center. "Oh you'll have fun like you do every day. Miss Anne will teach you new things. And I'll be right here when you get out." Gentle entreaties... nothing doing, he was stubbornly attached to my right side. 2 gorgeous twin girls from his class walked by holding hands... their long hair swinging in perfect synchronicity. "Mommy, I have to go - gonna be late!", ripping his hand out of mine as if I were suddenly on fire. The last glimpse I had of Jude Law entering the school - he was in the middle of the twins, holding each of their hands.

As soon as I got home, both Bloomie's and VS received the brunt of my bruised ego. Bitchin' to my sil on the phone, cup of coffee in front of me and fingers flying across the keyboard. Well, I was way overdue for a mini-spree (about 3 years or so.. ) I am sure someone can make the case for some weird pathology to my reaction but seeing my tiny little son already attracted to girls just threw me for a loop. But it's larger than that - I feel that he is too young to be pulling away from me already - it's a big world out there, full of people I haven't had the opportunity to look over and grade for him yet!!!! :) And now quiet time is over.. 6:15 a.m. - time to get the gang in motion... bbl! Connie

Monday, November 07, 2005

I promised myself I would write in my blog every day and the second day (yesterday) I blew it! You can imagine the length of time I adhere to my New Year's resolutions... But, yesterday was #3's soccer game. Who schedules these things on a Sunday??? Who?? Well, I know who so I guess my question is why. Why does she schedule soccer games on Sundays?? Why?? I am sure she'll have a smart answer if I ask.. also, I have a vague, unsettling feeling that I may have been at the meeting where this was decided. In the middle of the game, my single, childless cousin called, trying to arrange a "girls night out". "I just want a jacuzzi" was all I could say. "Oh, Fran finally finished the upstairs bathroom?", she asked. I just know she knows he didn't. Nine years, 4 kids and 2 businesses ago, we'd made all of these big plans for the "private bath" upstairs. He even went so far as to buy the jacuzzi bathtub. How could nine years go by and I still haven't had a jacuzzi bath?? Have I even bathed during the past decade? Hmmm.. I should get back to Cuz re: girls night out - maybe she has some lumberjack girlfriends who know a lot about plumbing. Back again soon! Connie

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Had to bell the baby this morning. His sisters and brothers think he's an adorably bendable doll. I announced, unnecessarily, that I had to run downstairs and throw a load of laundry in. Unnecessarily as I am aware of the Saturday morning, alleged cartoon-watching eyes, shifting with my every movement... Who do you alert about these 5 minute tornados that seem to hit only my house at the exact moment I attempt a chore. FEMA?? Ah ah ha ha!! So, after huffing back up the stairs (the paranoia is deep, guys.. deep.. ) and seeing the baby's face all smiley and puffy red from exertion and overexcitement, the mantra began. "Was anyone playing with the baby? Was anyone playing with the baby?" alternated by the more accusatory "Who was playing with the baby?" Down pat staccato beat: Was, Was, Who; Was, Was, Who... How do those four get their tiny, little eyes to open so widely and roundly in such obviously untrue denial?????? You see, now it's beginning to bug me. It began with the first one - Big Boy- after Princess #1 came along - only then, the rotating interrogation was "Did you move the baby?" "Did you move the baby?" "Why did you move the baby?" That was my first experience with that wide-eyed denial phenomena. Did, Did, Why changed to Was, Was, Who with number three. Now there were more potential guilty parties to deal with. But it must be some silent sibling thing - like twin talk - how the first taught the second one that innocent , rounded-eyes "Who me?" look... I'll never forget the first time I realized #2 had learned it - Showtune Sally turned it into the performance of a lifetime by adding hurt and "I'm offended" to the expression and turning her little shoulders slightly away from me!!!!!! I found her baby sister, whom I'd left peaceful asleep in her crib in her room, still peacefully asleep - under the Christmas Tree in the living room. I even threatened to call the police because, as I tried to logic with them - if no one in the house moved Mary, then a stranger must have come in and done so. #1 calmly walked across to the kitchen phone and said, "It's 9-1-1 right, Mommy?" Miss Hurt and Offended almost lost her stage cool. I can't repeat what followed from my mouth. Anyhow, the bells are going off again. bbl!! Connie